by Duane Lee
(Linesville Pa, usa)

I went to school to become a truck driver, it is the one thing i actually worked hard for, seeing that i was spoiled growing up. The first job i got was with cr england, they had me go throught thier training for 3 months almost 4. Then when it came time to drive i had a few options. 1 drive company, 2 drive team with someone i dont know , 3 drive solo lease, 4 drive lease as a trainer. Then they tell you that freight is based on the option you choose. meaning, trainers get first dibs on loads then teams then solo then company, I saw a compay guy sit for 2 weeks before he got a load. So my option was trainer. I had one student, thats all they would give me, they saw what i could run and took it away. Then my dad was brought to the hospital cause he was real sick. I told my dm i had to get home, he told me that the freight was more important. I went over his head, needless to say i sat in Laredo Texas for 3 weeks before i decided to bobtail home to Penn. They cancelled my contract before i even got home. Then they told me to return the truck, as i was returning the truck my dm sends on the quallcom to get out of it, that it wasnt mine anymore and that they were repoting it stolen. So i call the office. They told me they had allready called the police and reported the truck stolen. So i got out. 3 weeks later i get a call from england asking where the truck was, after the police in Cleveland had allready called them to tell them where it was and to come get it. Fast forward a little time. I apply for a new job after dealing with my father and step father passing away within months of each other and lo and behold, i can no longer drive anymore. cr england put a unauthorized location on my report. I havent even seen the dac report myself , that was info from marten transport recruiters. i have called , emailed and everything to dac, and i still havent gotten my report, and its been over a year. So my career is pretty much over and i cant even get hired at mcdonalds cause im to over qualified. go figure. anyone have any suggestions.

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