Elderly Homeowner in a small coastal Maine Town. . .

by Margaret
(Boothbay Harbor Maine)

I would like to hear from the trucking community on this one. I live across the street from a hardware store in a small town. Twice a week, a large tractor trailer arrives at 4:40AM to await the opening of the store at 6:00AM. The driver leaves his truck idling for that length of time. In the winter months, I can hear the idling through the closed windows and in the summer months, I hear it through the open windows. The idling is like a steady drum beat with occasional blasts of air. Sometimes, there is a metalic sound that erupts. When the shop opens, the unloading begins.

Would I be out of line if I were to ask the driver to turn his truck off from 4:30-6:00AM so that I can sleep?

I drive a diesel automobile so I understand the fuel savings by letting the engine run but I think it is too much to ask me to lie awake from 4:30-6:00. I am exhausted!

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Jun 24, 2011
Maine Idling laws
by: Margaret

Thanks for that information. I will certainly look into it.

Jun 24, 2011
Truck Idling Law for Maine
by: Bill

Maine has a idling law for trucks.

MAINE Statewide Truck Idling Laws

Time limit

• 5 minutes in any one hour period* No limit: if less than 0 degrees

• Additional 15 minutes per hour if temperature is between zero and 32 degrees

Fines• $25 to $500 for first offense• $150 to $500 fines for each subsequent offense

Exemptions• Zero degrees or colder• Traffic conditions• Operation of defrosters, heaters or A/C to prevent safety or health emergency• Operation of heaters or A/C while waiting to load/unload• Maintenance, servicing, repair or diagnostics• State or federal inspections• Emergency vehicles• Power work-related operations• Sleeper berth A/C or heat during rest or sleep periods• Mechanical difficulties if receipt of repair is submitted within 30 days.

I would suggest you contact your law enforcement office for further details.

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