Emerald Nation LLC/EmeraldNationTv

by Joshua Randle
(South carolina)


Do not work for this company. Once you leave, they will attack you and your pay check. Making up bogus fees and damages to validate their reasoning of with holding your check. They will charge you for the flight if they bringing you to Atlanta,ga in which they hired you from out of state which is their responsibility unless they let you know that you have to find your own way to Atlanta,ga. They will give you loads that are already late and then charge you for the late fees. They don't care about strict DOT HOS. They will run you illegally and interrupt your 10hr breaks. They are damaging their own equipment and charging you for it. They will also charge you for any tows of the truck and charge you for maintenance of the truck. I was charged because I simply was trying to plug up the inverter so i could use my refrigerator and it caused a electrical outage which could happen to anyone but they charged me and said I was late on the load which I was a day early to the reciever and the power outage happened at the receivers facility. They will charge you twice for the same fees. They told me I recieved a $600 check because all of those fees and 1 maintenance issue was my fault....ok. I asked why I haven't received my last
check and they throw the same fees at me again. Lamar does not care if you want to protect your CDL's he will tell you to go buy a log book and he will fix your logs on the backend which is a lie he will never fix them and if DOT catches you, Your done. Lamar runs this business like it's a street hustle. If your looking for professional, it is not here. They also will tell you that you will make between 1500-2200. The routes they run, unless you run illegally, you will never see a $1,500 check let alone $2,200. They also say you will recieve a guaranteed $1,000. So if they pay you a $1,000 for 3 loads which is bullcrap you won't have anything to argue about. If their equipment is broken and 2hrs is wasted of them trying to fix it that late fee is put on you. They dont tell you how your payed. Meaning he doesn't pay CPM, or Flat Rate and/or percentage. He makes up his own amount to pay you based off the load. He will not show you what the load payed and how he comes up with the % of what is payed to you. Its more but this is getting to long (YOU'VE BEEN WARNED) #REALTRUCKERSTALK
They are located in Alpharetta,Ga
@ 9315 Industrial Trace
Alpharetta,GA 30004
Lamar Robinson # (+1)678-906-7998



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