I have been driving truck for 17 years, I have 2 class B felonies and 1 Class A felony for robbery. They are all about 23 years old. What was said about never getting into Canada if you have a felony is not true. You can apply for a Rehabilatation through the Canadian consulate. If the offense is considered to be only a "summary" offense in Canada, and there is only one, You are deemed rehabilitated after 10 Years automaticaly. If the crimes are like mine, then you have to apply for rehabilitation no matter how much time has gone by. The fee is 1000.00 non-refundable.

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Sep 27, 2011
by: Patrick

nice to hear about that and the canada thing too I worked as a merchnt marine on ships and we were never allowed in even with a dui..LOL thats of 2007


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