Failed Company Random Drug Test

I was on an emergency leave of absence due to an immediate death in the family. The process to get me home was a joke. I had asked to park the truck at a terminal and allow me to rent a car. The only thing the company was concerned with is where that truck would be when I returned. Needless to say I had to run a load home legally. And didn't even make it in time to say goodbye. So yes I was livid and reckless. I smoked a joint and was off for three weeks that followed. I was later called in for a random and tested positive for 15mgl of marijuana.

I had been driving for this company for 19 months in that time I didn't come home a total of 8 times at the most. I'm a very good driver and love the road. Now with no previous felonies, drug convictions, I'm avoided like the plague and treated like I killed someone. After the results of this test were discovered I was pulled out of a truck and kicked to the curb. There was nothing else done.

No one provided me with any information in regards to what's next. So I did my own research and discovered that there was a requirement of a DOT ASAP program required to be taken by myself for evaluation, not to mention the company was to provide this info. Its in the legislation to do so. I received the run around, voice mails no returned calls etc. for about a year. Then finally they mailed me a "copy" claiming to have hand delivered this information to me at corporate office which Is where I was pulled from the truck.

Originally I was told whoever deals with these situations was in a meeting and no one had time for me. So I rented a car and went home. The funny thing is when they have claimed to of hand delivered this info I was still driving for them. The company ignorance is one thing to deal with but now what is the purpose of the dot certified sap program if you are not able to drive. Seems to me this is all a money grab. If no companies will even hire you why is it required by dot to such a program they might as well just take your cdl and be done.

My cdl was never revoked, suspended or anything like that just fired for a company grievance policy which yes on the dac/ hire right shows a failed drug screen. Open to as many suggestions that are out there thanks.

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Jan 14, 2016
forced SAP program that does no good NEW
by: Anonymous

I also did an SAP program and was told many companies will hire after complete the program. I have found that not to be true. My case was a one time occurence and I also believe it is a way to get drivers to spend money kind of like a second punishment. So the people who use and cheat are smarter than the honest ones who made a one time mistake.

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