Felons don't want to contribute to more crimes in society.

I know many felons that, all they want to do is work, but all the employer wants to do is give them no choice, BUT to go back to crime, because they like that. They want the world to have crime, that's why they contribute to crime by acting like, we don't learn like they do. The more serious the crime, the more they want you to keep doing it, that's why they wont give you a way to make money the legal way. That forces you to go into survival mode. You have to eat, pay bills, and provide by any means necessary at that point. Making Americans desperate, feeds into criminality in society. Criminality feeds the Judaical and prison enterprises. Employers are making the "Bad Guy" from people who made a mistake, to make money off it to pay this nations debt. Criminals are being changed to currency at the cost of peoples lives and safety, and the most Act 7 of Criminal Discrimination offers is that you can't discriminate base on race, sex, or ethnicity.

- FSociety

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