Why you cannot find a trucking job

Why you cannot find a trucking job.

Felony friendly trucking companies are at the bottom of this page.

Trucking companies are once again hiring (its about time). You can hear them advertising more om XM/Sirius Radio. You see more ads in trucking magazines and you hear and see more on TV/radio. Trucking companies across the country are reporting that their classes are booked up.

By why is it if trucking companies are hiring they are not hiring you. There are many reason for this here are a few. Trucking companies are only hiring "qualified drivers". What exactly does this mean. It means there are still a lot of layed off drivers out there who are coming back to work. But most companies are still being picky about who they hire. They can still take the pick of the litter. If you have a bad Dac report, too many tickets or a felony conviction in your past they will most likely pass over you an pick someone who does not have the problems listed above. They may even chose a new driver out of school over you.

But this can only last so long until all the "Qualified Driver" are hired. They will go back to relaxing the qualifications for who they hire. Its only a matter of time until there is once again a drivers shortage.

Why you cannot find a trucking job.  Here are a few things you can do now to help you in the future to find a trucking job. The first thing you need to do is request a free copy of your DAC Report by Clicking Here to see what your previous employers have place their. If negative information was placed on your DAC here is the time limit of when they will drop off.

Three Years – Drug and alcohol information

Seven Years – Categories of information that could contain derogatory information ie. accidents, firings,tickets.

Ten years – The entire employment history record.

Felony convictions. There are only 2 major criminal issues that will prevent, by law, you from becoming a truck driver:

1)Distribution of, possession with intent to distribute, or importation of a controlled substance. (illegal drug)

2)The use of criminal force such as with a gun or knife.

If you have any other convictions you may still be able to get a job. Different companies vary on this so you will need to check with each company to confirm they still hire felons.

Here are a few companies that may hire felon keep in mind that this list is subject to change at any time. You must check with each company to get there current most up to date information regarding hiring felony drivers.

Why you cannot Find a Trucking Job

I would slam everyone of these companies with an application.  You may get turned down 20 times but the 21st might be the one that hires you. Don't give up hope there is a job out there somewhere.  It just takes patience's.  Things are changing some of these companies have reduced the time they allow to hire Felons.  That's why you must do your homework and personal reach out to all of these companies.    Good Luck


time varies

Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. after 5 years

Arrow Trucking

A&R Trucking case to case basis


BTC after 5 years

Boyd Brothers

BST (Building Systems Transportation)

Buel Inc.

Cardinal Logistics

Carolina Cargo


Celadon Trucking Services after 10 years

Core Carrier after 8 years

Covenant Transport after 10 years

C R England

Crete Carrier after 10 years

CRST Van Expedited after 10 years

Davis Transport after 5 years

deBoer Transportation Inc. after 10 years

Dick Lavy Trucking

Dutch Maid Logistics Inc Over 10 Years Old

E.W. Wylie Will hire w/felony but need 1 yr exp.

Falcon Transport (must have 6 months experience)

FFE Transport Will hire students w/felony as long as it's 10 yrs old.

First Express Will hire w/felony as long as it's 10 yrs. old.

Florilli Transportation, LLC after 7 Years

Freymiller Varies

Groendyke Transport 7 Years

Hirschbach Motor Lines Felony convictions, DUIs, and DWIs reviewed on a case-by-case bases

Hunt Transportation 10 Years

Interstate Distributor Co. 3 Years

JBS Carriers (must have 12 months experience)

J & R Schugel Trucking Varies

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. Varies

JBS Carriers 10 years, beyond are reviewable

K&B Transportation Varies

Key Group Over 10 Years Old

Knight Transportation Over 10 Years

Kreilkamp Trucking 10 Years

LCT Transportation, LLC. Over 10 Years Old

Magnum Express Call for Information Varies

Maverick Transportation LLC Varies

McGriff Transportation 10 Years

MCH Transportation 10 Years

McKELVEY Trucking Company

McLane Foodservice 8 Years


Maverick Transportation

Melton Truck Lines 7 Years

Miller Transporters, Inc. Over 10 Years Old

Millis Transfer Less Than 1 year

National Carriers Over 10 Years Old

Oakley Transport 7 years ago

OXI 10 Years

Find a trucking job

Navajo Express

Paschall Truck Lines

Perkins Specialized Transportation Over 10 Years

PGT Trucking

Prime Inc 7 Years

Riverside Transport, Inc Over 10 Years Old

Roehl 7 Years

RSC Equipment Rental Varies

Schneider National Varies

Shaffer Trucking Over 10 Years Old

Sharkey Transportation, Inc. 5 Years

Simplex Leasing 5 Years Ago

Smith Transport, Inc. Over 10 Years Old

Schneider National

Southern Refrigerated Transport Inc. 5 Years NO SEXUAL or ARMED offenses EVER

Find a trucking job

Star Transportation-Will hire w/felony w/6 mo. exp. Felony must be at least 10 yrs old.

Stevens Transport

Swift Transportation (also offers truck driver training)

Tango Transport

TMC Transport

Tradewinds Company

Trans Am

TRANSCORR (American) Varies

Transport America 7 Years

Transway Inc.

Tyson Foods (also offers truck driver training)

UPS but only for certain felonies

US Express

U.S. Trucking-Will hire w/felony w/1 yr exp.

USA Truck 5 Years

Voyager Express, Inc 10 Years

Werner Enterprises

WEL Companies 8 Years

Western Express 5 Years

YRC Glen Moore 10 Years

A simple google check of any of these company should get you to there home page where you can find a phone number or apply on line. If you really want to find a trucking job I would apply to all these companies.

Good luck.

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