Fired while on Work Comp

I was employed for almost 11 years for Gregs Truck Service, Goreville Il. I Got hurt at work, and had to have a major surgery, and almost 9 months of PT 2 to 3 times a week. I finally got my surgeon to allow me to go back to work for 2 hrs a day 3 to 5 days a week, but I WAS NOT allowed to drive, or perform any safety sensitive Work. So Greg and Beverly the gts Office Manager/ daughter in law to owners, had me scrub walls or clean toilets with out gloves, for 1 or 2 hrs a few times a week. Then,i was told by greg that his lawyers said they wanted me back in the truck, and that they didn't care what Pain Meds I was on, or what the Doctor said in his orders, that i had to leave immediatly and go do a drug test and get back in my truck the next day! When i tried talking to Greg and explaining 1 more time that I was on Prescrption Pain Meds, and that the Surgeon had stated i coudnt drive until my next follow up apt in 2 months, he said he didnt care and screamed at me to leave his office that he was not gona pay me to wash the walls or toilets anymore that i was to drive or he had no work for me anymore! I told greg that i needed to call my lawyer first and if he said it was ok then i would let him know, he yelled go now i dont want you hear anymore. So I left and I called the Idot, and my lawyer, and they advised me that i was in the right. However greg fired me, and when i finally got relased to work again i applied with another company and was told that Greg and Beverly had made a false claim saying i refused a pre employment drug test! All because i got hurt at work after 11 years and they retaliedated on me for hiring a work comp attorney! Their family memebers even told us that they were bragging to other gts employes about how they were so slick! and gts employes told me the same thing!

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