Five Reasons a Truck GPS is Essential for Every Driver

by Andy
(Chicago, IL)

Hauling freight is one of the most competitive labor markets in the country. This means the profit margins are often slim. Truck drivers and freight companies alike are constantly looking for ways to trim costs. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is through smarter planning. A commercial truck GPS offers drivers and companies a wealth of useful tools to increase not only efficiency but safety as well. Here are five reasons every truck driver should pick one up today.

Improved Route Planning

Finding the best possible route is critical to making profitable runs. There are many factors that paper maps don't consider. A networked truck GPS however makes finding out about real time conditions simple. Knowing in advance about weigh limits and clearances can save a considerable amount of time and money. This forehand information is especially important to Hazmat haulers who must use approved lanes when transporting their potentially dangerous cargo. Using a Truck GPS will stream line the planning process and assure taking the best possible route from the start.

Less Unexpected Delays

In the world of freight time is money. This is doubly true when sitting in traffic burning fuel. Modern commercial GPS units warn drivers ahead of time of traffic congestion allowing them to find an alternate route. If traffic was the only thing likely to delay a driver any old nav unit could do the trick. Unfortunately weather and road conditions that would only be a minor inconvenience for a normal vehicle can delay a truck by hours. Reputable commercial GPS manufacturers know this and keep their units up to date on such changing conditions.

Easier Cost Accounting

A truck driver's job goes far beyond simply moving cargo from point A to point
B. The must also keep a constant watch on expenses for every trip to stay within budget. These indispensable tools do more than just help find the way. By using the configurable truck profiles it is a simple task to account for maintenance costs and predict upcoming expenses, such as new tires or routine service. Accurately accounting for expenses is a must for any driver concerned with their bottom line.

Simplified Record Keeping

Expenses aren't the only thing drivers must carefully record. There are still log books, hours driving, and hours on duty, just to name a few. Keeping all of this information updated daily is easy to forget at times. With a Truck GPS the process is automated to take the hassle and human error out of the equation. Gone is the frustrating task of trying to fill out reports and log books from memory at a stop. Simply check the recorded statistics at any time to get up to the minute info. When using one of these units the information needed is always close at hand.

Find Facilities Fast

Living on the road means having to locate all kinds of everyday services and items in unfamiliar locations regularly. The software on commercial units helps shorten the search by providing lists of nearby businesses that fit the bill. Many of the newer models even include information on amenities such as wifi and showers along with real-time fuel prices. This makes finding the right place for a pit stop less of a hassle.

In short these amazing devices are more than simple navigation units. They are digital assistants designed to eliminate much of the inconvenience for a truck driver's day. More importantly regular use will improve efficiency and help ensure healthy margins.

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