How to fix DAC Report on your own

How to Fix DAC report and driver records for yourself for truck drivers so you can get a better trucking job.

Every day I hear from truck drivers who ask me what a Dac report is or other drivers who want to know how to remove bad information from their Dac Report. Some drivers cannot get a job in this tight market because of bad or inaccurate information. They all want to know what they can do and if those fix Dac report repair services really work.

First lets set the record straight no DAC repair service can remove any information from your DAC Report. Not even DAC can remove information from your report unless the company you worked for fails to verify your dispute claim within 30 days. The only ones who can remove the information is the company that put it on there. Or by court order.

So I decided to write this report. You do not need to pay those expensive repair services for something you can do yourself in about the same amount of time. I will show you step by step how to fix Dac report yourself and how long it will take. This is going to make a lot of those repair services mad but from what I'm hearing from a lot of drivers is that they are unemployed and cannot afford those expensive repair services.

But they cannot get a job because of what is on these reports. Who is going to help them? So here is my report. Hope it is helpful to someone.

DISCLAIMER Please note fix dac report does not guarantee any of the following information. DAC policies are subject to change so please verify any of the information relative to your own particular situation.

Drive-A-Check (DAC) Services

Who runs DAC Services

USIS Commercial Services, Inc Name Change Notice. USIS Commercial Services, Inc.,announce that it has changed its name to HireRight Solutions, Inc. While for a period of time you may find reference made in there materials to USIS Commercial Services, they are in the process of updating there web sites, software applications and documents to reflect this name change and expect to complete all updates in the near future. In the meantime, should you have any questions please contact them at: 800-322-9651 and select Option 3 for Customer Service, or contact us by mail at: HireRight Solutions 4500 S. 129th East Avenue, Suite 200 Tulsa, OK 74134-5885.

DAC Employment History File

DAC Employment History File contains historical employment records from more than 2,000 motor carriers, and acts as a ‘file cabinet’ for participating members who are required to submit records to gain access to the database. Currently containing over 5.7 million records, with thousands added every month, the DAC Employment History File is the only employment history database of its kind in the transportation industry. Its usage is contingent upon the exchange of information from there customer base, the trucking companies. More reasons to fix dac report

All major U.S. carriers use the DAC report for pre-employment job history verification. Every time you have a late delivery, company policy violation etc., or terminal/truck stop backing or mirror scrape, the carrier you work for may place this negative information on your DAC. This can keep you from getting hired when you decide to change carriers. You need to know ahead of time. Not all trucking companies use DAC services. But the vast majority do.

HireRight DAC Employment History File protects employers from liability because termination records are submitted using a standard, multiple-choice termination form. Non-subjective, industry-standard terminology is used to eliminate the possibility of information being misconstrued. Key features:

* Accepted by DOT to satisfy FMCSR Section 391.23(c) * Contains drug/alcohol test results to help comply with DOT rule 49 CFR Part 40.25 * Contains drug/alcohol histories and accident details

They can also verify social security numbers, driver's license numbers, criminal reports, worker's compensation reports, and much more.

"In addition to transportation-specific services, DAC provides criminal records, motor vehicle records, social security number verifications, credit reports, drug/alcohol test histories and workers' compensation and injury reports." The most important report, the one most of the subscribers request, is the employment history report which will include information such as number of accidents, reason for quitting or being terminated, rehire eligibility, type of driving, trailer types pulled, commodities hauled, etc. More reason you need to fix dac report.

Inaccurate, inconsistent, or false information on your report can keep you from getting the job you want or cause you to be terminated from the job you have just been hired for. Yes after you have worked there for a couple of months and your employer runs a Dac Report and discovers things you did not reveal on your application they can fire you for it.

All major U.S. carriers report on drivers who work for them and pull your DAC report for pre-employment screening. Every time you have a terminal or truck stop backing or mirror scrape, the carrier you work for, may place this on your DAC as an accident/incident. This can keep you from getting hired when you go to work. You need to know ahead of time so you can fix dac report.

Each report contains your complete job, criminal and motor vehicle history. Each DAC Report includes:

* Complete job history & incident / accident report

* Motor vehicle report with all serious and minor traffic violations

* All misdemeanor, felony, minor citations criminal history, data base search

* National Driver Register (list of carriers who have requested your report).

This report can gravely affect a driver with his/her career. Trucking companies can use this report as a tool to "get revenge" on a driver who has quit them for whatever reason. More reason to fix dac report

Every driver needs to know what is on their DAC Report. An how to fix dac report. Inaccurately reported company policy violation, orientation work history, discharges, or accidents/incidents, drug history other work history information on your DAC Report will keep you from being hired.

Step one in repairing your DAC Report

Before you can began to repair your DAC Report you must know what is in it.

You can now request a copy of your DAC Report online by Click Here.

You may obtain a copy of your fix dac Report free of charge once every twelve months as well as in some other situations if you meet the criteria referenced in the instructions for completing the Report Request Form. Additional copies may be provided within the subsequent twelve month period subject to a $ 10 charge. Once you mail in the request according to the instructions given, your Report will be sent to you within 15 days of our receipt.

Print out the request form. Read it carefully and complete every block. Make a copy of your Drivers License and Social Security Card. Include them with the completed forms and mail to: HireRight Solutions, Inc. 4500 S. 129th East Avenue, Suite 200, Tulsa, OK 74134-5885.

I would highly suggest you send this and all future correspondence by certified mail with return receipt requested. This will be the only proof that you sent in a request. So you can began to fix dac report.

It will take about 15 days for you to receive your report. Once it arrives check it for accuracy.

Step Two

HireRight DAC will conduct an investigation, free of charge, if you believe information in your Report is incomplete or inaccurate. Before filing a dispute, you need to possess a copy of your Report that is no older than 60 days (in order to help ensure that you are disputing information currently maintained by HireRight). If you do not possess a copy, please request one using the instructions above. The dispute reinvestigation process can take up to 30 days.

The key point is that if disputed items cannot be verified within 30 days it must be removed permanently. If you dispute the fact that you were treated unfairly for whatever the reason, they have to prove it or remove the item in question. More reason to fix dac report

Their (DAC) 30 day window to verify or remove the disputed items on the DAC report starts when they receive your certified letter.

Make copies of everything you mail them by certified mail.

If the company verifies the report or HireRight DAC refuses to make a corrected entry, you will probably need the assistance of an attorney.

A DAC report will typically keep information on it for 10 years. However, after 7 years, things like accidents, work record, and eligibility for rehire will be removed, leaving only the dates of employment and what type of experience you had. Additionally, if a company goes out of business, accidents, work record, and eligibility for rehire is supposed to be removed. Another reason to fix dac report

The DAC Report employment history report contains the following categories of information:

Identification of Driver. (Name, SSN, DOB

Identification of Contributing company (Address and phone number) and date contributed

Period of Service (Month/year)

License Number

Eligibility for rehire

Reason for leaving (e.g., driver quit or discharge, etc.)

Status (e.g., owner operator, company driver, etc.)

Driver Experience (e.g., single driver, team, etc.)

Equipment Operated (e.g., reefer, dry box, etc)

Loads Hauled (e.g., general commodity, etc)

Work Record (e.g., satisfactory, cargo loss, etc.)

Time Periods

All of the above information may be found on a DAC employment history, but every report may not contain all the information. There are time periods beyond which, the information “drops off.”

Three Years – Drug and alcohol information

Seven Years – Categories of information that could contain derogatory information. Example: Section 11 as shown above will NOT be shown on any record over 7 years – even those records with “satisfactory” indicated.

Ten years – The entire employment history record.

Time to correct the problem:

15 days to receive your DAC Report.

30 days to respond to a dispute. Time starts when they receive a certified copy of your request.

Fix DAC Report

Extension of period to re-investigate.

The 30-day period may be extended for not more than 15 additional days if the consumer reporting agency receives information from the consumer during that 30-day period that is relevant to the reinvestigation.

Total time to try to fix dac report 45 days. I know this may seem like a long time to wait but those are the rules.

Good luck on trying to fix dac report on your own.

Keep in mind you can only dispute an item one time. If you fail to prove your case you cannot dispute it again.

Of course you still have the option of going through a DAC repair service if you can afford it and just want someone else to do all the work. But they cannot guarantee they can fix dac report.

You can review the Fair Credit Reporting Act Procedure In Case Of Dispute (part 611) by Clicking here

You can review the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules by Clicking here

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