Fleet Speak’s roadmap: Your input needed

by Fleet Speak
(London, United Kingdom)

When we started Fleet Speak at the beginning of 2018, we would have never guessed what an engaged and loyal group of readers we would gain in such a short period of time. At date of publication, more than 30,000 of you, across four countries, come back to our site every month.

Firstly, thank you for your never-ending support. Secondly, we want to continue to make the Fleet Speak experience better. In the past few months, we’ve added a job board and redesigned the look of the website but we want to go further.

Here are some of our ideas. Do you like or dislike a particular one? Let us know in the comments on the website or on Facebook. Your feedback will be taken into account.
A fuel card comparison tool
One of our ideas is to create a tool that allows people to compare all fuel cards available on the market - perhaps even with the functionality to buy some at a discount - providing our readers with the opportunity to start saving on the enormous cost that is fuel.
A tyre comparison tool
Even more varied than fuel cards - in terms of price and quality - are lorry tyres. There is such a large range of tyres out there with such a varying degree of longevity, comfort, noise, etc. that we think the fleets reading our website could really benefit from comparing notes.

What’s more, you might be surprised to learn that
it’s not always the more expensive tyres that turn out to be the best-performing. We’re quite excited about the prospect of this tool.
A discussion forum
We realise discussion forums are sometimes a little outdated but we believe there could be great value from giving our readers a platform to discuss their challenges and issues to get support from our entire community. We’d obviously also include a few threads with funny memes, photos and videos.
A Fleet Speak app
What if you could have access to all Fleet Speak content from an app on your phone? That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves on multiple occasions. This way our readers could save their favorite content and get notified about important or breaking news in the sector.

Fleet Speak events
At Fleet Speak, our main objective is to create a community of like-minded trucking enthusiasts that can share ideas and just talk about trucking. Perhaps it would be an interesting idea to take it offline and let our readers meet up in real life?
A merchandise webshop
We’ve been asked about this a few times and our Fleet Speak mug competition was a great success. So we’ve been thinking about adding a webshop where people can not only buy Fleet Speak hats, mugs, keyrings, etc. but other fun items related to the trucking sector.

Which idea is your favorite? Did we miss anything? Let us know. In the end, we’re doing it all for you! Visit https://fleetspeak.co.uk/ for more info

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