Free DAC Report

Free DAC Report

CDL drivers may request at any time a copy of your DAC report (if any) previously prepared by HireRight, and/or your active
database files (if any) maintained on you by HireRight.

You may obtain a copy of your DAC report of once every twelve months as well as in some other situations if you meet the criteria referenced in the instructions for completing the Report Request Form.

USIS Commercial Services is subject to the FACT Act file disclosure requirements. Upon request to USIS, a consumer is entitled to receive a free copy of his or her DAC report once every twelve months. Additional copies may be provided within the subsequent twelve month period, subject to a $10.00 charge. There are other circumstances under which a consumer may be entitled to free copies of their file.

Information on obtaining a free dac report is being provided free of charge to you. All I ask is that you subscribe to my free newsletter. The newsletter will be sent out from time to time to let you know what I'm doing on my website. Your email address will never be sold to a third party.

Once you mail in the request according to the instructions given, your Report will be sent to you within 15 days of our receipt.

Free Dac Report

You can now request a copy of your DAC Report online  Click Here.

Then download the request form fill it out an mail it to the address listed.

To request a copy of your DAC report for your smart-trucking-jobs you must send them a written request (download form above) including a copy of your Social Security card and Drivers License. To my knowledge this is the only way to receive your report unless you can persuade someone at a trucking company to obtain it for you.

Most trucking companies use DAC reports as part of their hiring and background check process. It is extremely important that drivers verify that the information contained in it is correct. Know what's in your DAC report.  Check your DAC report often, especially before applying for a new job.  In addition to checking your DAC, many potential employers check credit reports and perform criminal background checks during employment background screening. It's a good idea to know what's in your history and check these items in addition to your DAC report for drivers.

Please note: HireRight is the new brand name for USIC Commercial Services and DAC Services.

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