Funny to watch how the govt and perfectionists,mke this country a notch futher towards chaos and ruin.

by Will
(South Dakota)

I'm a hair thickness close to getting outa the trucking world. Been in it for 5 years to long!! Its now become like being an airline pilot,minus the pay!!! Unless your one of the 10% who makes the big bucks outa all the drivers. Its in my hopes that this new rule,causes a major shortage in trucking in historical proportions.

Then to watch with a big ol grin as the perfectionists scramble to change the rules. So many trades the common worker isn't hassled such as the American truck driver is,so since its become a golden world of perfectionists,i reckon its time for this dumb ass to get out. Its now become a white collar trade. Time to put college graduates behind the wheel.

Good luck truckers!! As for this old steering wheel holder,looks like forklift driving or a new trade and schools in my future. Good luck yall and be safe. Hopefully They make trucks into drones,that way the dispatchers n feds can run the trks safely and as they wish.Then the perfect truckers can finally mke there 100 k a year operating drones. Yall have fun with this paranoid freak parade!!! 5 perfect safe years ruined by the oh my gawd new csa 2010 rules. as i began a new career,i hope this backfires on the feds in historical proportions,i really sincerely do!!!!!!

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