Having Felony that is only 2 yrs old

by Steve
(Plymouth Ma)

I obtained my CDL in 2011,I have battled substance abuse and alcoholism most of my life.I should mention have 4DWIs as well. I went to school and finally got driving job. I had been back using again and left there. Got another job DRIVING OTR. Did this about 8 mos withe no problems. Left there for local company,2 mos into that job failed a random urine. They were going to keep my job if I did SAP program only problem needed 560$s.

This is how the unarmed robbery charge came about. I don't believe they reported the failed urine as I just got an I HIRE report and nothing on there for drugs or alcohol. I have been clean and sober about 8 mos and would like to get back to driving. Most companies will hire you with a Felony but needs to be 5-7 most 10 yrs old. Does anyone know of trucking companies in SE Massachusetts that would hire me.

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