Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs with A&R Trucking

Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs with A&R Trucking.  How I made over $94000 the last year two years in a row as a company driver. The last two year has been the best years I have had has as a  company driver in the last 31 years of my driving career.

You can make this much to its not that hard.  First off lets get a few things out of the way.  If you think you can make this kind of
money working Monday thur Friday from 9 to 5 stop reading now I'm just wasting your time. I work 11 to 13 hours a day five days a week  and occasional Saturday or Sunday. I don't work seven days a week because I need the 34 hour reset. And I don't work every weekend. But I do go home every night.  Occasional I get caught out overnight because this is trucking and sometimes I run out of hours. Usually I don't spend more than one night a month in the truck.

Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs

'But if your interested in the highest paying truck driver jobs keep reading.

The most important thing is to find the right job.  My company A&R Logistics pays over $.50 a mile loaded.  I also get $45 to load and $45 to unload, this is a automatic $90 a load.  If it takes over 2 hours loading or unloading it is $22 an hour for delay pay.

I also am a driver trainer this pays $100 a day. So every day when I have a trainee, I make at least $190 a day if I load and unload it plus the mileage pay.  I usually take two loads a day that I can squeeze in within 14 hours.

This is how my pay breaks down.  $76500 for base pay, around $9000 for training pay, I get four weeks vacation pay which is around $7000 and $1800 in safety bonuses. This added up to $94300 last year.

My company advertises that starting drivers make $65000+ a year.  But has you can see I make way more than that.  You are not going to  make what I made until you have been there for a few years.  You need to build up your seniority and then become a driver trainer.  But there is no reason you cannot make at least $65000 in your first year there. That's an average of $1300 a week which is very attainable.  Just remember there is a learning curve. Patience is key.

This year I should make over $100000.  My company pay for drivers I refer.  So far I have referred one driver so I will make an extra $7000 for a driver referral this year, that is paid out over a year.  Each terminal pays a sign on bonus of $3000-$7000 plus the driver that refers them gets the same amount. Each terminal is different and it varies from terminal to terminal and month to month.

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