I don`t call trucking companys bad. Its the desk jockey they put in charge

by vincent

I`ve been driving for quite a while. I worked for alot of different company's out there and have found out they are all pretty much the same. Most all trucking company's have a recruiter

that will tell you anything just to get you in the door. When you get there its pretty much all a lie.They get a bonus for hiring drivers,so they will say whatever you want to hear. Now your in you set in there orientation class x number of days. Get out get your truck or go with some body you never met do not have anything in common with for 4 to 6 weeks. maybe you get your own truck. Everyday you deal with a dispatch that could not even find the door on a truck let alone know what you a going through. All they know is you are taking a load from point a to point be and there is no reason why you cant do this. Most of these dispatchers and load planners only see what is on that computer and see perhaps your running late for whatever reason call and get down right mad and cuss you out about a load,because they don't want to deal or should I say do there job and talk to the customer. You are written up with all kinds of inaccurate information that you don't even know about.Lets say someone backs in to you at a truck stop you are inside eating or shower whatever you come out do a walk around find your trailer door bent in but you didn't see who did it, they are gone. You call and report the findings like the good employee you are, you have to take pictures fill out a report with there safety guy, now guess what happens your flagged in safety anything else that may happen to you goes there. Say something else not your fault happens you call it in the safety guy says well this guy has had to many problems instead of working his job n taking care of the driver he will terminate you send negative information to dac and hes done. and you are too. its because these guys the company owners put in charge don,t want to be responsible or do there job right that the driver is always to blame. I think all should be held accountable for there actions not just the Driver. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with what Ive said here but If youve drove for different company's. Its not that the company is bad per say but the idiots they have working for them.

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