by Charles Gilmore
(Columbia S.C)

My story begins 2009 march when I decided to try an build a career after being in prison from 2001-2005 making ends meet working job to job to save 4grand to pay my way through truckin school at Sage Truckin School. So the day finally comes that I get the money and pay the school they never told me that my felony record would effect my job status. I graduated highiest in the class of 8 but never got a job that would allow me to truck now at 29 no career with 3 sons its a hard spot in my life wonderin wear my next finance will come to take care my kids and provide A future for them.I went to prison at age 19 for Assault and Battery /high and agg. Nature really just a fight and its killed my dreams of having a professional trucking job. So I feel every man or woman pain who is goin through this struggle.

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