Just plain wrong

Maybe these idiots need to spend a week in our world to see what we go through just to make a living. As company drivers we can fill out our inspection sheets, but that doesn't mean a problem will get fixed. We can refuse to drive defective equipment, or run over hours. But guess what we could also be out of a job for refusing to work. I know it happened to me. Good luck in trying to sue. To hold a driver responsible for what a company makes you do, or refuses to fix is not going to solve anything. Concentrate on the root of the problem. The company's.

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Jun 23, 2010
Tired drivers makes for dead drivers
by: Anonymous

Knight transportation has 10 hr idling rule so that means 100 plus temp,for sleeping at night in our sleeper berth. How can we drive safely without proper rest. I could not sleep one night so i had to get a room, cost 60 dollars,at this rate I am working for nothing. so what is csa 2010 going to do about idling rules by companies and some states have no idling rules. Tired drivers will make for dead drivers,so let somebody in government get it right.

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