Keeping Used Moffett Forklift Protected During Off-Season

by David Kramer

Moffet Forklift

Moffet Forklift

Many times the companies have to shut down their businesses due to several reasons or simply the operation decrease because the use of that product has decreased in some seasons. So some equipment like Used Moffett Forklift has to be shutdown.

Used Moffett Forklift Not Operated During Off-Season

Off-season means that work is not done or is minimized during that specific period. This happens because the need for the items is no more or is minimized and which results in a decrease in profits; so businesses temporarily shut down.

COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

In the past year businesses have shut down not because of the off-season, but they are facing lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic has made trade difficult. People are staying at home and not buying things in the usual way so companies have seized the production.

Two Places To Store Forklifts

Mainly companies have two places where they can store their equipment and especially Used Moffett Forklift. They are indoors and outdoors, but the main point to note is which area is the safest for the forklift.

Outdoor In Open Space

A big advantage of storing the forklift outside is that you get a lot of space to easily park the vehicles and with maintaining a good distance. But weather elements can damage the forklift.

Inside In A Large Area

The forklifts that are parked inside are saved from the external elements but the forklift can be parked very close to each other. The distance between the two forklifts is very less.

How To Keep Forklift Safe During Off-Season?

If the situation of off-season storage of the forklift that you bought from dealers like Bobby Park Truck And

Equipment comes; then you have to follow a few tips and suggestions to make sure that the forklift is saved.

Cleaning Of Forklift

An uncleansed forklift will mean that the machinery fitted inside will become jammed and when the working season arrived; the forklift will create problems. So make it a point that you clean the forklift before store it.

The Areas Of Storage Will Be Dry

The area where the warehouse forklift types are stored may have a leakage of water and the whole area can get flooded. This is dangerous for both the vehicle and the operator.

Removing All Kinds Of Power Sources

This is especially important for the battery-operated forklifts as the batteries have to be removed. Also for other fuel sources; the fuel tank has to be empty completely and if possible disconnected.

Regular Inspection Of Used Moffett Forklift

Sometimes circumstances develop when the forklift has to be used even in the off-season. So a person should be appointed to check the forklifts at least once a week.

Don’t Forget To Run Forklift

Before the off-season is ending; the forklifts have to be checked and run to make sure that they are in good condition. If there is some problem then repairs can be made in time.

Make Sure Forklift Is Properly Parked

Turning off the ignition is not enough to store; it is just a step. Once you are confirmed that the forklift is shutdown; pull the parking brakes to secure it.

Areas Shouldn’t Be Inclined

The Used Moffett Forklift should be parked and stored on a flat and even surface. The reason is that a flat surface will ensure that the forklift doesn’t move forward or backward.

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