l allgary

by L Allgary
(Lake City, Florida)

I was hurt on the job while my truck was parked. The tail gate was jammed and while trying to fix it, I sprained my back. The company doctor sent me to PT without any x-rays and they further injured me, causing me to be out of work for a while. THe third day after I was out of work, the company had a private investigator sitting at my house and being new to the area, I felt the company was trying to act in an unprofessional way. I had to get an attorney to take care of my workers comp case because they started refusing payment. Then after I was well and was able to go back to work, because of the claim, we both agreed that I would just leave the company. Will this information show up on a DAC report. I have worked for 35 years and never had a negative report or accident/ticket, etc from any company and left the last company of 18 years with letter of high recommendations. But this "one" company in Lake Butler, Florida has been giving negative referrences because of this. Can this "one" company ruin me?

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