Learn the benefits of why Steel Tarps are Best Option for any Truck Owner

by Mark

steel truck tarp

steel truck tarp

The type of load drives the size and construction of the Truck Tarp most suitable for use. Over a long period of use, certain popular sizes and designs for popular Truck Tarps has emerged. The Heavy Duty Steel Tarp is among the top varieties of Tarps. The United States of America is the world’s largest manufacturer. Steel is still the king of all manufacturing and construction materials. It is produced in the millions of tons by US Steel Mills and needs to be moved into position to job sites, factories, reprocessing plants and depots across our entire country. As such, it comes as no surprise, that a tarp designed specifically to cover steel products would be so important.

The design of the heavy duty steel tarp is a direct reflection of the physical characteristics of the Steel it covers. Steel tends to be very heavy. It does not take up large volume but eats up the available weight capacity of the hauling carrier rather rapidly. By the time the legal weight limit is exhausted, the pile of steel on the truck bed is NOT supremely high. Consequently, the Steel Tarp is designed with only a four foot drop, unlike Heavy Duty Lumber and Machinery Tarps which have a much higher drop. The length of the Standard Heavy Duty Steel Tarp is still 27 feet, long enough to cover half the trailer length plus overlap. Once again, long steel products or cut steel sheets may run the length of the trailer and require full coverage with a full set of two Heavy Duty Steel tarps. Given the short height of steel loads generally protected by the Heavy Duty Steel Tarp, it is the second row of D-Ring that comes in handy when tying down the tarp with bungees. The Heavy Duty steel tarp can be obtained with a rear tail flap in case the customer requires
the hauler to fully cover both ends of the load.

Steel tarps are best option for any truck owner because of its several advantages which are:-

1) The Heavy Duty steel Tarp is made of 18 Oz Heavy Duty Vinyl. So long as the load edges are secured properly with Plastic Edge Protectors and Tarp protectors and the other necessary precautions are taken, the tarp is very durable and takes a good beating from the elements before it shows signs of aging.

2) Each of the Tarp’s D-Rings comes with extra S-Hook flaps underneath to protect the main tarp body from being damaged by the bungee hooks.

3) The size of the tarp is smaller than a Heavy Duty Lumber Tarp. Consequently, the weight of the Steel Tarp is less and as such easier to manage, manipulate.

4) In addition to the D-Rings, the tarp also has a perimeter of Solid Brass Toothed grommets.

5) The edges of the Tarp are folded over but inside the folds, the tarp has heavy duty webbing inserted. The grommets are punched into the webbing so the high tear resistance of the webbing keeps the grommets in place.

6) The versatility of Steel Tarps is much higher than other Tarps. They come in numerous popular sizes. They have D-Rings all the way around, not just along the length. They can be turned around, reoriented and used with ease and flexibility across a number of different load sizes.

7) Last but not least, it is possible to get the steel tarp in a Super Light Steel Tarp version. The weight is even lower. The underlying base fabric mesh is made significantly stronger to compensate for the thinner coating and lower Tarp weight. The quality mesh makes up the Tarp’s strength.

No matter what the load, carrying a good Steel tarp on board is a must for any general freight flatbed hauler.

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