Lots of questions. Any info helps!



I am a student trying to create a start-up that could potentially make life easier for those in the trucking or shipping industries.

I had a few questions to see if my idea is viable. I was wondering:

1. How many miles approximately do you drive a day?
2. What about in a week?
3. How often do you stop for gas in a day?
4. How long do you generally stop when you stop to refill gas?
5. How many gallons of gas do you estimate you use in a day?
6. In a week?
7. How many hours do you drive in a row?
8. How long are your breaks?
9. What do you do during your breaks?
10. Do you feel that you get satisfaction from your job?

Thank you so much!! If you could answer any of these questions it would be so helpful to me!
Whatever you can answer is so appreciated.

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