Me and only me

by Eric I

I say all trucking companies suck, Felons are people just like you are, everybody make mistakes some of us just don't get arrested. I can see if a person has 5 of the same crimes and did this for years then I wouldn't give them a chance. Yes I have 2 felonies one was 21 years ago and the other one was 7 years ago, but the last one that I got some one came in my yard and tried to harm me and I defended myself now the world hold that over my head,that's not right. If everybody got arrested for all the things that they have done then no one would be working would they! I wish that I had the money to buy my own company I would put all your butts out of business because I would give that person a chance that you won't and I bet that they would be a better driver than the one that you hired because they are used to working for nothing and it is hard for them to find a job so they hang on to the first one that they get. Swift you are so smart why are most of your drivers quitting? Start paying them right and they won't. You people don't know good drivers because you won't give no one a chance.

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