Moe Durham

by Moe Durham
(Tulsa Ok)

I've been driving a commercial vehicle since 1985, and this is by far the most regulated industry in the world. Albeit, truck related accidents are horrific, yet so are aviation accidents. Fatalities and injuries occur twice fold in the passenger car, sector of the world , yet these continue on unabated with regulations.

This country moves by truck and the men and women who drive them should be given a fair shake at regulating the industry ourselves. The government does not know when I am tired or if I am capable to work. If I am healthy and prudent in my rest hours, then it should be up to me to have control of what I do. Too much government spoils and industry, and i smell something afoul here in this one. Since when does a fellow with over 25 years driving experience take a back seat to a newly trained driver with just 6 weeks? Go figure, maybe perhaps if the government looked at those stats, you can see why some accidents do happen. To me the only prudent thing to do is to improve the training and let the truckers do what they are here to do, make a living and get there safely.

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