New Truck Drivers

Information for a new truck drivers what you can expect in a truck driving career.

Are you interested in becoming a truck driver and you want to learn more? Everyone has to start somewhere! Well, you're at the right place! Truck driving is an great career in my opinion. But it's not an easy one, but it's been an great 31 years for me. So for anyone considering a career in truck driving I've created this page to try to tell you a few of the important things you should know.

New Truck Drivers

Do you think that driving a truck is easy? After all all you do is sit an drive all day. Well here are some of the things you do on a daily basis as new truck drivers. You must have a thorough knowledge of the truck,be punctuality,organized,do precision planning, understand the weather in the area you are traveling. Have informed decision-making abilities,mechanical aptitude and have a professional attitude toward your job.

First don't believe everything a recruiter tells you. The recruiters at these companies hire are very smart. They will promise you the world, you'll be home all the time, you'll have the best insurance, new truck drivers can start out at $50,000 a year, etc.

Truck drivers are made not born, it is more than a job---it is a career---you are a professional driver. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a new truck drivers, but it does take a capable person to drive a truck. Driving an eighteen wheeler has to be learned, modern trucks have power steering, air-brakes,air-conditioners,cruise control and everything else associated with smaller vehicles. Handling a big truck can be mastered by persons large or small in stature, and husband and wife teams are especially prized by trucking companies. A non-driving spouse is also accepted,and many single new truck drivers find their future spouse while on the road.

How can you become a new truck drivers? The two most common ways are independent truck driving schools, which can be expensive but worth the investment in money a few weeks of time. Another way is to apply at a trucking fleet which provides truck driver training on contracts. Besides learning to handle a big truck, there is classroom study covering the rules of the road, how to deal with customers and various types of loads,and the government required daily HOS log. "Hours of Service" rules are mandatory regulations which protect the public from tired drivers and drivers from working to many hours. The rules deal with how many hours of driving time versus required off-time and bunk time. The rules are too comprehensive to detail here, but are they can easily be learned during the training period.

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After your training you typically gets assigned to a "trainer" Depending on the fleet, this may last for a week or a few months. You go on the road as a working driver but with someone you team with who has been-there-done-that. trucking companies choose trainers not just for their accident-free records but for their patience and ability to get alone well with others. This is part of the training period is valuable because once on the road, the first few weeks point out all the things that no school can possible cover. Like how to locate the best way in to the next customers location.

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Each trucking company tries to guarantee how often an OTR driver can be routed home. While away from home, drivers vary regarding how they want to spend off-duty time each day or night. Since truckers are paid well, some don't mind spending more money on the road through eating out and staying in motels. However, others make a home of their truck so they can avoid extra non-reimbursed motel stops. either way, being away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time, is part of the dea

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New Truck Drivers

There are drivers who simply deal with it as a necessary evil to having a good and fruitful career. Depending on the life circumstances, there are a lot of drivers who very much enjoy this aspect of long-haul truck life.

No career choice is 100 percent perfect. And trucking is no exception--though what one driver finds to be a drawback , another will find it to be a plus. Only you will know what your tolerance level is for all the nuances that accompany the kind of unique career trucking offers.

First new truck drivers must be able to schedule themselves. Nobody will tell you this is a 9 to 5 Monday-Friday job. If you are in a situation where you are going to run out of allowable driving hours for the day, you must be able to figure out when and where you can park, and in time.

A driver must be the a person in control of himself. As in all customer service job, you'll encounter people who may be rude, or company employees less than enthused to see you pull in with another truck they must unload.

Have questions that you want to ask a trucker? Stop wondering what the answer might be. Have a question on becoming a truck driver? 

Many drivers quickly learn how much better trucking is than humdrum, normal jobs. The pros have already learned that life on the road is usually more difficult than showing up at a desk or counter job, but the pay is good, the advantages offset the difficulties, and those weekends at home can be wonderful. with a run of the mill day job , getting home at the end of every day can lose that wonderfulness; but for a driver not knowing what his or her next destination is, what the load will be and what sights will be seen, well it's all worth the hard work and patience. Plus how can you beat getting paid to travel?

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If a newcomer is determined to be part of the club and sticks out the first few months of this independent kind of life, he or she soon finds that beyond getting used to living on the roar, it becomes a desired, happy, and proud way of life . And unlike some normal jobs, if a driver has a problem with his company or with the unit he has been assigned the problem can be aired out and worked out. Drivers are difficult to replace and trucking companies like to keep the drivers they know.

Trucking is not just about a job; it is a lifestyle. For most, the transition to the trucking lifestyle is a difficult one. This is the reason why the vast majority of class a CDL Jobs school graduates are no longer in the trucking business after six months... or shorter.

Life on the road definitely takes A LOT of getting used to. But after a while you'll find that if the lifestyle suits you, it really is incredibly fun. We called ourselves “professional tourists”, which really is pretty accurate. Read More

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Winter Driving Tips

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Drive Smarter Not Harder

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