Nowhere to run, Nowhere to Drive

by William
(New Haven, CT)

I am a recent grad of, a respected trucking school. I have experience and skill to do the job. However I have 2 felonies that are 5 and 6 years old.

Both of them are low class (c&d) felonies but, they are felonies just the same. I am having the hardest time and I am turned away everywhere I go.

One of the charges is not a sexual charge but, it refers to one that I had 13 years ago. The one from 13 years ago is not even a problem for me but, the one from 6 years ago refers to it. While I have made every stride to improve my life companies will not look at my recent past. They only see that on my report and say "Thank you but, No thank you.

I feel trapped and alone from moving ahead. I don't want sympathy, just a job and a chance to prove I am a worthy employee. If any one knows of Connecticut companies that are willing to take a chance on a person like me let me know. Thanks for creating a place like this to share this info and get
some hope.

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