On Federal Probation

by Joseph
(Phx, AZ)

I was convicted on 3 counts of conspiracy to distribute illegal substances in 2010. It was a federal conviction under the RICO act. I had a clean record (I was 34 yrs old @ that time)until the conviction that I was forced to accept. I had the choice to fight the original charges and face a "Federal mandated sentencing guideline", which if convicted, equaled 20 years of prison for each count X 4 counts = 80 years for somebody who had NEVER been in any sort of trouble! (My Co-driver faced much more time because he not only owned the truck that we were driving & the company we were driving for, he also had a previous felony conviction for armed robbery), or I could take a plea bargain; 3 counts of conspiracy to distribute & receive probation (a no brainer, I took the plea). I found a small company willing to take a chance allowing me to drive a 30' delivery truck (a non CDL position because my PO wouldn't allow me to leave the state), but the pay was horrendous compared to what I had been used to and the hours were minimal. It wasn't a bad job, just a small business hurting because of the economy. It was all that I could find; Walmart wouldn't hire me to work in their deli, just to mention one of many large companies I applied to for menial jobs!). It wasn't until I lost everything (my house, car, my credit rating and self esteem) that I received the "blessing" of my PO to apply for an OTR position. I immediately found several small companies willing to take a chance on me (with a little over a year since my conviction and still being on probation), and am now trying to put my life back together. My suggestion to others with a felony is to try a small outfit, they will be more likely to hire you. You will get to talk to management first hand and that makes all the difference as long as you are up front and honest!

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