Penn Mar Trucking, PA

by Dan
(carlisle, PA)

if your looking for a shitty company, then these are your guys. They,re contracted with Amazon, so they don,t own anything. Keep in mind im salaried, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with a set pay. It doesn,t matter how many hours i work, 20, 30 or 40 i.m still paid for 40 work week. With less then two months on the job and i,ve showed up to work and either no truck nor a pre trip work schedule. meaning they forgot to assign work on my days. I,ve had 3 days now where i,ve had no work on a Tuesday, but owner will assign me a Saturday (which is my day off) and says you have to work it cause you had off tuesday and you need to make up your hours.

On 3 seperate occasions i,ve gotten to my truck and my trips were cancelled without notice. When you contact the owner for an explanation, he will never answer you via phone nor text.
As for DVIR your truck and you report unsafe due to check engine light on, He,ll text back, the code is good, you can run the truck. AMazing cause this guy lives in Maryland and My truck is parked in Carlisle,PA and this is the first time reporting it. He has no idea but wants his loads out.
There a new company and turn over is already at 50% or higher only because of the part owner Todd Hopkins.
Oh and the free health care thats offered after 30 days, yah still waiting on that after 90 days.
Stay away.

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