by Pete
(Ft Lauderdale, FL)

I got out of prison five years ago after doing almost thirteen on a murder charge. A long story, but basically it was my fault but did get railroaded.

Once I was free, it was not a big deal; I worked very hard to change my attitude, my thinking and anything else that could impede happiness. It has been very tough, I have gotten very discouraged at times but never ever stopped trying and doing the next right thing.

Eventually, things do get better, it can be very slow but it does happen. I found work then found steady work, found the love of my life and married her, she has two great kids that actually like me a lot and look up to me.

This has further motivated me and decided I needed to do something to advance. The decision we came to is for me to get a CDL and drive. Like everything else, it has not been easy. I have a lot of friends and connections and people trying to help me out but its not easy.

I did find a job but I cannot support my family with the miles I'm getting, I'm almost embarrassed to say what they are. The guy who hired me is a great guy and his company is new and they are going through a lot of rough times, all of which I can sympathize with in my situation but I do have to support my family so we parted ways amiably.

Now I'm back at square one and I can't stress how difficult it is, in more ways than one. My wife is scared, she is supporting me, I'm not at home and am working small jobs so she doesn't have to send money and my family doesn't have to support me while I'm up here. Living a very frugal existence and putting out resumes like crazy.

Having said all that, I cant let it bother me, I have to go forward, I have to be the kind of man someone would want to hire and I have to be better than most at whatever I do. This is my way of life now, maybe someday I can rest and look back and smile but there's too much to do now. I can still smile, I can still be happy, I can still be successful. There is no other option. Hearing people say they will "go back to their old ways" is just silliness because even with all the heartache and trials, this is a million times better than I had before, even before I got arrested. I'm a lucky guy. Having said that, I would not be dismissive of a job offer in the least, contact Pete at 865 250 3548, lol.

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