by John

This is a sweetheart deal between paid off politicians and the railroad industry in the freight competition. Railroad execs are applauding the removal of as many long haulers possible. They're even buying up land for hundreds of hub to drop where the trucker is a hourly 26,000 class punk driver at half the wages. Follow the money, leads right from the railroad lobby to the sewers of Washington DC.

And they are not done either, The Railroads have bought up fuel contracts that puts the airline business to shame at low prices while the politicians work to raise our fuel cost to assist in the "change". Over 300 billion has gone into rail infrastructure while the roads got pennies on the dollar even though our taxes and fees paid for road work.

Watch for the result my friends. Best thing to do is park them trucks to catch them in the transition and show the nation your importance to their survival. Time to do a 34 hour reset all at the same time. A good day is valentines day. February 14 2011, shut them down at midnight to show you love your job, country and way of life. Breaker 19 buddy, spread it like wildfire.

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