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Whether we like it or not, animals have just as much a right to the roadway as we do. The land was theirs long before we set up cities, roads, and other man-made structures. These animals don’t have the best timing or fortune when it comes to crossing a busy highway but there’s not much we can do to stop them.However, there are steps we can take to keep the risks to a minimum.

What You Should Know

Any collision with a deer, moose or elk can be seriously detrimental to both the condition of your vehicle as well as your personal health. What’s more, the average cost of repairs due to deer-related accidents is just under $4000 dollars. In the blink of an eye, your savings account could also take a huge hit.

Fall and winter months are the most likely time of year to encounter deer while driving. That’s because it’s mating season from October through December. That doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen during other months, though. There’s just a higher chance during that season.

When the sun goes down, it can be even more dangerous. With the poor visibility, you may not even notice the dear crossing the road so you’ll have almost no time to react.

How to Prevent an Accident

Awareness is one of the greatest tools for preventing wildlife-related accidents. Night time driving is hazardous enough alone, but with increased deer activity during this time, vigilance is key. Be mindful of signs posted in areas where you may be more at risk for hitting a deer. This means that you’re in an area with a high population of the animals.

If applicable, use your high beams to provide greater visibility at night. You should also expect to see more than one deer, so do not fail to be observant of your surroundings after seeing a solitary animal. Buckling up and remaining free of distractions while driving should go without saying in any situation.

If you get caught off guard and you can’t avoid hitting the deer, do just that. Don’t try any fancy maneuvers by suddenly swerving to the side. You can lose control or hit other vehicles on the road.

How a Heavy-Duty Truck Bumper Can Protect You

Despite all the precautions you take, sometimes, a collision cannot be avoided. If you live in an area where these kinds of accidents are common, it’s a good idea to invest in added protection for you and your vehicle.

Most stock bumpers serve their purpose of basic protection. However, when facing a deer, chances are they will not win. A stock bumper will do little to prevent harm to the front of your truck.

On the other hand, aftermarket bumpers aren’t just for looks. More durable than what comes stock,it can reduce if not completely negate damage to the front of your truck. This is especially relevant in the unfortunate event of hitting a deer.

A heavy-duty bumperis designed to take the brunt of the damage instead
of the vehicle itself. Since it’s mounted to the frame, all the force from the impact is transferred there. In the case of a grille guard bumper, everything behind the bumper will be protected from damage. While a stock bumper is designed primarily to keep the passengers safe, a heavy duty bumper protects both the vehicle and the people riding in it.

What Different Manufacturers Have To Offer

Aftermarket bumper manufacturers take wildlife-related incidents into account when designing their products. These manufacturers know the dangers out there so they take steps to help ensure your safety.

Starting with Ranch Hand front bumpers, many owners have shared their experience when they encountered the unexpected animal jumping in the way. This proves how their bumpers minimize impact damage compared to that of a stock bumper. A Ranch Hand grille guard gives your truck that extra protection.

An ARB bull bar is sure to serve as a durable shield between you and an animal that jumps out of nowhere. One testimony shows virtually no damage to their bumper after colliding at 60 mph with a deer. No damage to the bumper also means no damage to the rest of the truck. Can you imagine if that deer had hit at that speed without the bumper? An ARB front bumper is definitely a reliable option.

A Tough Country bumpers is another great choice looking for something to protect against surprises on the road. Designed to take a hit, these bumpers provide the peace of mind you need to face the impending collision head on instead of attempting to swerve out of the way. Likewise, a Buckstop front bumper would serve you well in this type of situation, too.

Other Benefits of Aftermarket Truck Bumpers

It’s important to look at accident prevention from three perspectives: the past, present, and future. If you want to address all three, an aftermarket front bumper can help.

So far, we’ve discussed what a bumper can do in the event of an impact. This falls under the present where the situation cannot be avoided. But before the accident happens (in the past), having the peace of mind that your vehicle can withstand such a collision will help you concentrate on the actual task of driving safely.

If an accident does come to pass, you want to make sure it doesn’t have lasting effects in the future. For example, if you’re worried about expensive repairs, then having a heavy duty bumper that can prevent the majority of damage means you’ll be saving money in the long run. When the time comes to be put to the test, you can be sure that your truck won’t let you down.

Are you looking for a Dodge Ram 1500 front bumper, a Toyota Tacoma bumper guard or any other aftermarket bumper? BumperOnly offers only the best in terms of looks and protection. Whether you’re up against off-road hazards or the unfortunate animal crosses your path, you can be sure that the buck does, in fact, stop there.

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