Look I don't have anything to say bout being a felon and driving (sorry, I can sort of feel your pain)but I do have a question. I went to a company paid training school. Never received a permit or cdl because I failed a drug screen. This occurred in May of 2008 at 21yrs of age. Since then I have been clean. And I still at 23 have not earned my permit or cdl. Will this effect me? Can some one give me the name of a school or two that will accept me? Besides this I only have 1 traffic ticket and a clean record. No misdemeanors, no felonies. I am totally clean and want to pursue trucking again what are my options

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Mar 31, 2010
Failed Drug Test
by: Billy

I would suggest you get a copy of your DAC Report and see if contains anything about your failed drug test. You can get a free copy of Your DAC Report by Clicking Here

I would almost will to bet that the company you took the training with has placed it on your DAC Report and if they did it will be very hard to find a company that will hire you once they see this. Drug and alcohol information stays on your DAC Report for Three Years.

I would call several trucking schools and trucking companies and ask them what there policy is. This way you have the knowledge you need first hand.

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