Roger Divey

by Roger
(Ivey, Georgia)

I worked with a contractor in Nevada. We had a few accounts outstanding that were not completed. One of them was a deposit I put into my personal checking account( big mistake). Got my cdl, then started driving, then I was contacted by safety, there was a warrant for my arrest in NV.

The case at that time was just shy of four years old, so I thought I was in the clear. Went back to take care of it, paid full restitution to victim. Still got a felony. I guess I should have used the money for my defense instead of using the public defender.

I have a truck, but really can't afford to get my own authority.

I do have an excellent driving record. Though I only have about 30 months OTR.

Does anyone have any recommendations.

Bear in mind I am already staying out of trouble, and I know what I did was wrong.

Would like to start driving soon. Best work I have ever had has been driving. I am on Probation, but can get travel permit to go anywhere. Just have to be here in GA. monthly to get a new one. Already made sure with my officer here.

Have no accidents or moving violations for more than three years. Have current physical long form..


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