Security Touch Points That Can Make Defence Truck Management Better

by Nidhi Jaiswal

Truck management is a tough field to work in. Problems like longer operation time, unoptimized time routing and notorious drivers are common. You can never know if your vehicles are running on time. And when truck management comes with bigger responsibilities, major security threats prevail. While there are difficult challenges to face every day, technology has speeded up to a point where many of these hurdles can be solved. Yes, we are talking about a real-time fleet management solution that can help get a better control over the system and develop a secure environment to work.

Before we go further on how mobile technology can help streamline the trucking system and secure the process, let’s identify the real problems.

Trucking and logistics have already implemented mobile solutions to have a control over the fragmented business. But, when it is about defense truck management they still lag behind the current technology while managing their vehicles.

Army truck management system must be safe enough to protect data from mishandling. As the data encryption is a major requirement here, it becomes important to control cyber threats or breaching.

Whether its fleet management or defense supply chain management, without a real-time access to the mission-critical data, the entire system may end up with losses. And defense fleets lack management of data from a central location.

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So, to deal with the security threats in defense fleet and asset management system, you need an intelligent solution that increases productivity and secures data at the same time. To meet your business objectives, you can have the apps like Uber as a truck management software. These

apps have GPS integrated mobile APIs that can help you track and monitor vehicles and driver behavior.

With GPS mobile API you can,

Monitor Vehicles: Armoured vehicles, fleets, trucks, army buses and cargos to fix issues. It will keep you notified about the latest position of vehicles that you can access from anywhere. You can have geofence alerts to get notified when vehicles enter or exit parameters.

Top Notch Driver And Vehicle Security: Driver and vehicle security can be at peace with apps. They can inform about vehicle speed, route deviation, seat-belt usage etc.

Ensure Legislative Safety With Apps: Apps can provide a complete audit trail that ensure your trucks meet all the legislative requirements.

Safeguard Trucks And Goods From Theft: Mobile apps can be integrated with security cameras to maximize the safety of cargos and drivers. You can have defined emergency response procedure with mobile API.

Real Time Tracking: Defense truck owners can have on-time trucking management and claim insurance credits with improved claim history.

In the end, you get a complete MIS at one place that can improve asset, finance, setup and trucking security management. If you can optimize data, you can easily mean the gap between profit and loss. The real-time fleet management system will help bring security under control.

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So when you are dealing with defense data, tools and armors loaded truck management, you need to have a control over your database. And mobile API can naturally fit into your requirement that decodes data, does analysis for you, tracks vehicles and keeps a tab on entire defense truck management. It will save you time, cost and give you better scopes.

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