Self-Driving Technology: The Future of Car Transportation?

by Zoki
(San Francisco )

Self driving truck

Self driving truck

In a world of technology, we’re always looking for ways to do things faster and better - preferably with less input from ourselves. Self-driving technology is an inevitable invention, as there are times when we just can’t be in more places than once. Thinking about the future of self-driving cars and trucks in the car transportation business, there are many possibilities.

Car Transporation
services, providers are signing up to develop and test self-driving technology, it is more realistic than ever to expect to see the automated commercial trucks on the highways in the near future.
Here are some great examples of how self-driving technology can simplify the future of car transportation.
You need immediate car transportation services because you are late on schedule. But It’s a public holiday and no one is willing to work. Well, you can use the self-driving technology in these situations, simply program it to take the cars to the correct location.
Car transportation services, providers also with self-driving technology can save up to $73,000 that truck drivers are getting yearly.
Also, self-driving technology will be able to travel 24h instead of a human truck driver which can drive max up to 8h a day. So this way car transportation services, providers will be more effective..

All the benefits above will become effective only if there are new regulations made for the use of this technology. Some major car transportation services, providers have pursued new federal rules for the past few years,
and they continue to do so for self-driving developments to reach commercial use.

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel,over 5,419,000 car accidents happen in the USA and in half of them, the cars are in not running condition. And also that many times car transportation services or car removal services are required to take the damaged cars off the place of the accident. That’s when human drivers are in control of their vehicles. While some people think that self-driving technology will help avoid accidents, that means less work in the car transportation business. Others cite the fact that the streets of Paris, London, Beijing, Singapore, and California already have many self-driving cars, which they hope will save many lives while adding $7 trillion to the global economy. However, that’s only likely when self-driving technology becomes much better.

The self-driving technology will reduce car transportation costs for standardized transport by 48% by 2030, according to a new report from PwC’s Strategy and consultancy.
The Global Truck Study 2018 has discovered that around 70% of these savings will be attributable to the reduction of personnel in the car transportation and logistics industry. In addition, there will be outstanding increases in efficiency: As mentioned before self-driving technology, for example, will be able to travel 88% of the time from 2030 onwards, as opposed to 30% of the time since 2030. This will be because there will be no breaks for drivers and the empty time will be reduced to a minimum through the use of algorithms.

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