Sign of the times!!! The govt shall answer before gods bench as to why they caused suffering to manyy families!!!

by W
(South Dakota)

Was at the Oregon scales, I 84 west of Ontario. pulled in got weighed,then told to pull into the shop for an inspection. He was ready to go home but was told I had a tire that was off the bead on my trl by the scale person,so he had to inspect,yet he was ready to go home he complained.

So he done a fast inspection,checked all my tires air pressures,found 2 drives at 68 and 79 psi,wrote those up,along with the trl tire that wasn't shredded up,just off its bead,getting ready to shred. So i got put out of service,for 3 tires!!! 2 in which weren't flat. Thats 72 points on the new evil system. The trl tire had just happened,with in so many miles. anyhow thats 72 points towards my finger flipping adios to trucking,in trade for any trade in America where the govt,doesn't have prejudice for,upon simple workers. All i gotta say,is in todays world,a feller would be better off to stop at an exit prior to the scales and do a quick walk around. That's what im doing now. Luckily i wasn't fined for the woo hooo fatal heart attacks for the govt an dot. i asked that ol boy how many points this was on the new system,and he said i don't know,we will find out when yall do. Ignorant lier. here is the senior inspector. Hes as conning as the feds.

No court dates,is unfair. the new system needs to be citations only not a warning or non fineable stuff. this simple write ups will ruin many,and only worsen Americas lifes. All i gotta say is its time to look for better work,this trucking ain't worth it by far with these new rules. its in my hopes things backfire for the perfectionists feds. Be safe yall,and for goodness sakes pull er over prior to crossing the beee hive scale,or youll get stung. be safe,and happy new career finding.

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