Sleep Apnea Test

A sleep Apnea test is a medical test conducted while you sleep at night.

This test is used to evaluate and diagnose a sleep disorder you may have . Sleep studies are safe and noninvasive and provide valuable
information to your physician. Please do not:

1) Take a nap the day of the test.

2) Consume Caffeine within 6 hours prior to arrival time.

3) Consume Alcohol the day of the test.

4) Take non prescription medications which may cause drowsiness, unless directed to do so by your physician.

A severe sleep apnea test is done on an outpatient basis. The study usually goes like this. A technician will show you to your room
for the night. You will have a private room with a television. You will complete some paperwork and questionnaires to help with
treatment. After the paperwork, you will change into your sleep wear. Before the sleep study can began, the Technician will apply several monitors to your body to monitor sleep functions.

Sleep Apnea Test

The setup will include 9 electrodes that are glued to your scalp. You do not need to cut or shave your hair. The glue is dissolved with
water and is easy to clean out. You will have 4 electrodes taped to your chin and the temple area to record chin and eye movements. A
breathing sensor is taped to the area between the nose and upper lip to monitor your breathing and does not block your airways. Since we monitor your heart, we attach adhesive electrodes to your shoulders and one to the side of your chest. Two electrodes are taped to each leg to record all leg movement. You will have a cloth belt placed around your chest and abdomen to monitor your breathing. These belts are not restrictive and fit over your clothing. Finally, a band-aid type probe is wrapped around a finger to record the amount of oxygen in your blood. This setup is painless and you may watch television or read during the procedure.

Before the sleep apnea study begins, the Technician will provide you with information regarding common sleep disorders and treatments.
A common treatment that may be used during your visit is Continuous Positive. Airway Pressure (CPAP). The Technician will introduce you to this equipment

The study will start around 10:00pm-11:00pm and will last until 5:30am-7:30am. During the study, the door to your room will be closed and the lights and television turned off. You are not allow cell phones or pagers as this might disrupt your sleep. Your room is monitored with a video camera and a telcomm to allow communication between yourself and the Tech.

Once the sleep study ends, the tech will disconnect all the wires. The results of your sleep study will be available during your follow
up visit with your physician.

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