So called go to church,christans BIG RIP OFFS,LYERS,WILL NOT PAY

Well its getting to be a real big joke here in the state of Ga. I worked for three so called go to church,so called christans,family owned trucking out fit,well low and behold they are worse then the sinners out there today. They will not pay me what they owe me,shit what a joke for beying a so called christan,and you know whom you are too,they will not pay for tolls,over weight tickets,and get this I pulled money out of my own pocket to get me by to buy things for the truck to fix it and they will not pay me back. I have one that i just left and that dispatch what a f----- joke lyer,two face,said he paid me for all my jobs f----- lyer,well thats ok you will get yours

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