Standing Up and Fed Up

by Stooley

If this is going to effect everyone as much as I think it will then they want to put the little man outta business when ya put all the little men
together they equal bigger than the big man.

So if all this goes in effect and the nitpicking goes on by all these back woods cops then we need to stand together and play sick for a week and let them know just how strong we are i'll be the first to park for a three day period. Go home or get a restart all at once they say we can't strike but the don't say we can't get sick or make the same choice all at once.

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Oct 04, 2010
Not sure this work
by: Todd McCann

As the title says, I'm not sure this will work. At least it won't for company drivers.

Ever try asking for the July 4th holiday off at the last minute? If there are too many company drivers that have already requested the time off, they simply won't give it to you. So if every company driver requested the same days off, the company would simply accept the first few drivers to request it, and refuse the rest. It's happened to me many times with numerous companies.

Now as far as owner/operators go; they could cause some damage if they followed your plan. I say they should go for it. I'd love to see what happens. It would certainly open some eyes.

Todd McCann

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