Stay Away CR England Scam

by James
(Meriden, CT)

Stay away. Schooling was ok, but being even a comapny driver stunk! I was teamed with a combative co-driver who was yelling at me to shift to save fuel. I got a stomach virus and had to go the ER and the training cordinator told me I brought this on myself and would not bring me back to Burns Harbor, IN. They kept me out 2 1/2 months. I did relief and recovery fleet and Driver Manager Brad Bingham was unresponsive to my Qualcomm mssges and gave me loads I could not legally make. Sheri Johansen (HR VP) lied on Utah back wage claim for money they still owe me! I was made a scaprgoat for being charged a penalty "for burning out a clutch on a 500k miles formrt trainers truck.. Jim richards from Eagle Atlantic tries to intimidate me about my student loan which I cannot repay because I am unemployed from CR England. This doesnt even scratch the surface in my experiences with CR England. Stay away

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Aug 29, 2012
truckers significant other
by: josie29

my boyfriend is at burns harbor doing his training once he gets through the phase one how long will it take to get hometime?

Apr 23, 2012
trucking can be good
by: Anonymous

to the man from burns harbor ind i wish u the best in trucking dont give up , i did i had loved to drive when i did , but had a different kind of one too many bad experiances and the sad part my boss did take care of the situation immediatly , i dont know if they are still out there,this was a very long time ago that i drove, i was so embarresed to keep driving for them , my brothers use to tease me and tell me the pay i was getting wasnt alot and they were right , but i wasnt driving for a huge amount of any money i was driving at the time for the love of driving , so i hope u found a good compny to drive for . u can let me know if u want

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