Still Tryin......

by RA
(Las Vegas)

Well, my story's about the same as most, ended up with a felony trying to keep from being carjacked, got railroaded by the system,( you know your being railroaded when you actually overhear the judge refusing to take your case to trial and waste taxpayers money on a case that he can't win, he actually said that),anyway, long story short, i got my CDL in 02 and only drove for a total of four months in eight years, and the bad part is this is something that i really wanted to do, i grew up around trucks,back in the 70's, this was what i've wanted to do for over 30 years, from the time i was 12 years old i ate, drank, and slept, trucking (im 46 now), this wasn't just another job to me, this was my career of choice, but now, trucking can eat a dick, im tired of victimized for something that i didn't do, something that the cops who arrested me knew i didn't do, something that the courts knew i didn't do, and yet i ended up with a conviction anyway, how do you tell an interviewer that you didn't do anything wrong without them thinking that your in denial and not "owning up" to your "mistakes", so i say fuck it, im getting too old to be chasing dreams, hell, if the insurance companies are running the show then let them drive the damn trucks, because i've had about enough, to all you out there trying, good luck, hope you make it, i really do.

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