Tanker Driver 19 yrs

Why all the focus on the driver ? I believe the FMCSA needs to put more pressure on the company's they are the one's forcing drivers to run the equipment not up to DOT regulations, This country is in such sad shape from President BUSH, all of us are trying to pay doctor bills, health insurance car payments. We are the little guy and all you want to do is take us down till all of us hard working class people have nothing. It's time to take the BULL by the HORN and focus on who the real problem is here. As far as this Driver is concerned you can put your new rules were the SUN DON'T SHINE.

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Apr 06, 2011
csa2010 can kiss my ass
by: christhefur

You know dot and the fed gov don't know a thing about driving a truck. All they know is how to write tickets collect money to buy them a 40.000 dollar suv and cruise around and eat them donuts. Csa20010 is a one sided law if a driver gets stuck cause the gov didn't put up a sign does that make that person a bad driver. If your driving down the highway and your head lamp burns out does that make you a bad driver. Every one makes mistakes but csa2010 says if you do your going to get points, come on there a joke we need to get together so we can be heard and put a stop to this nosey law writer and roll that paper up and stick it up law mans ass.

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