Tax Deductions For Truckers

Tax Deductions For Truckers. If You want A Large Tax Refund YOU Must Claim Every Thing You Are Entitled To . Truck drivers are in a special tax class for trucking.

Please consul a professional tax consultant or Accountant  for the most up to date information.

The new tax law has good news and bad news for company drivers but mostly good news for owner-operators, lease operators and those who operate under their own authority.

Starting in 2018, "W-2 drivers will no longer be able to itemize their expenses.

Under the new law,  in 2018 the standard deduction is $12,000 for single filers and married filers filing separately, $24,000 for married filers filing jointly and $18,000 for heads of household.

OMG!  You heard on the news that average refunds are lower this year!  That the new tax law is actually hurting the middle class! That your taxes are going up! Weren’t we promised lower taxes?!

OK, deep breath…  The drive-by media is good at reporting the who, what, and when, but they aren’t so good at the why and the how come?

Are the rumors true?  Yes and no.  Yes, we are finding that refunds are generally smaller this year.  No, working families are not
paying higher taxes; in fact, they’re paying less taxes – it just doesn’t FEEL that way when your refund is smaller. Wait, what!? 

My refund is smaller than last year?!  Yep, leave it to our government to confuse things.  The new tax law lowered taxes
for about 90% of Americans.  The biggest savings is going to middle class working families.  But Congress wanted you to know how  wonderful they were and also get money into the economy, so back in February 2018, they changed the withholding tables.  You may have noticed more money in your paycheck.

Fast forward to this tax season: people ARE paying less in taxes, but that extra amount in your paycheck means your refunds are lower than prior years and some people are having to pay for the first time.  This is especially true for families earning $150,000 or more on W2’s ☹

TMI - What, what?!  Here’s how income taxes really work for W2 wage earners.  Every paycheck your employer withholds money for federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare, state taxes, and other things based on a W4 form they had you complete.  The tax money goes into an  account with your name and SSN and sits there until you file taxes.  Your total tax for the year is computed based on your income,  adjustments, and deductions.  THEN, the amount set aside from your paychecks is subtracted from your tax owed, and if more was withheld than owed, you’ll get a refund; otherwise, you’ll have to pay.  (OK, it’s not quite that simple but that’s the basics).

Attention Truck Drivers If You want A Large Tax Refund YOU Must Claim Every Thing You Are Entitled To!!!

If you are an  Owner/ Operator, you incur a special set of expenses Tax Deductions For Truckers that most tax payers do not.

This page will show you how to immediately avoid High Income Taxes-- Legally.

Supreme Court Ruling

(Gregory vs. Helvering)

Every taxpayers has the legal right to avoid income taxes by whatever means the law permits.

You must maintain records that will enable you to prepare correct tax returns. These records will help you to prepare income tax returns so that you will pay only your proper taxes. If you keep a record of your expenses during the year, you may find that you can reduce your taxes by itemizing your Tax Deductions For Truckers.

The first thing you must do is to keep some type of tax diary or journal of what you are spending so you can claim the proper deductions.

You can usually pickup some type of journal at a truck stop or office supply store.

It is important to record your expenses in some form of a diary or journal and you must be aware of the importance of receipt for tax deductions for truckers. A receipt is required, for all expenses over $75.00 or more. A receipt or itemized bill is required for all lodging expense showing where the lodging took place and the reason (example a layover that you were not reimbursed for). No receipt is required for expenditures of less than $75.00 if traveling away from home. Canceled checks are not acceptable as vouchers. Vouchers or receipted bills must show the amount of the expense, the date occurred, the reason of the expense. To substantiate adequate records, a detailed record must be kept such as a diary or journal.

The following are just a few things that are tax deductions for truckers. This list is by no means complete but it should give you the idea.

Antennas, batteries (for the flashlight as well as the truck), binders, blankets, boots, briefcase, calculator, CB repairs, CB’s, cellular phone, chains, checking account fees (atm fees for the extra charge because you’re away from your home bank), chrome things, cleaning supplies, com check charges, coveralls, Federal Express (UPS, Postage for business mail or other mail which is necessary because of your absence from home),flashlights, gloves, hand tools, ice box, insurance, laundry, legal fees (not fines, but the cost for legal fees to defend yourself and court costs), lights, log books, luggage, lumpers, maps, motels, office supplies, pens, permits, pillows, radio, repairs, ropes & equipment, safety equipment, safety glasses, scales, scanner, sheets, showers, signs, smelly stuff, special clothes, special equipment, stapler, staples, stereo, storage, sun glasses, tarps, taxi, tires, tolls, tool boxes, truck organizations, truck parking, truck wash, truckers newspapers & magazines, TV, and uniforms.

More tax deductions for truckers:

Airfare, cab curtains, driver's license fees, bunjee cords, tarp straps, air freshener, calculator, electrical tape, laundry bag, physical,thermals, armor all, camera, ether, laundry detergent, pillow,tissues, alarm clock, fan clamps, load locks, power cord (s),toiletries, fax, lock, radio equipment, towels, atlas, cleaning supplies, film developing, log book cover, refrigerator, trash bags, cigarette plug ins, first aid supplies, log books, screwdriver/tools, travel bag, ben gay ,clipboard, flashlight, maps, seat covers, truck wash, boots, coffee maker, floormats, paper/notebooks, shaving kit, boot repair, cooler, fly swatter, pens, sheets, watch, briefcase, copies, gloves, paper towels, window screens, fan duct tape, hammer, parking fees, sunglasses, WD-40,

RECEIPTS - it is not always possible to get a receipt for cash which you spend on the road and the IRS realizes this. They will allow you to present handwritten receipts for these expenses as long as they are not excessive and are normal and expected expenses for your business. A few examples are laundry, truck washes at a drive thru type wash bay, and pay phones when used for business calls (calls home to chat with the family are not business calls and are not deductible!). In these cases you should write on a piece of paper the date, the amount and what it was for, or in the case of phone calls who it was to. This hand written receipt is considered proof of the expense by the IRS.

In addition to these tax deductions for truckers you can also deduct your meals while away from home. This can add to several thousand dollars in tax deductions if you are on the road a lot.

Ask a tax professional aboutTax Deductions For Truckers.  All of our expenses are not calculated/deducted for the same reasons or in the same way. It is well worth the cost if you find a good accountant who is familiar with truck related deductions. I gladly pay $150-$175 a year to my accountant who gets me back thousands in deductions. And of course his fee is deductable.

There are as many tax laws/rules/regulations as there are accountants. YOUR accountant will give you the best advice.

Tax Deductions for Truckers

Tax deduction for truckers help you in organizing your records. We recommend that you use a Tax Professional who is familiar with the Trucking Industry for doing your taxes.

I use Tax Facts located in Jonesboro, Ga, but they can file for any state.

If you want even more deductions try starting a small business on the side, this comes with a whole set of other deductions. This website is considerate a small business. I run it from my laptop from my truck most of the time you can learn more about this by clicking here

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