How to Become a Team Driving Millionaire

Team Driving Millionaires From the Author of a best selling eBook. Troy Dudenhofer is a former Marine who worked in the gaming industry for 15 years before getting into trucking. Troy wasted no time finding one of the best jobs in the industry and is now helping many people do the same. Dudenhofer wrote a best selling eBook entitled How To Make $65-95 Thousand A Year and be home everyday, and recently followed that with How to become a Team Driving Millionaire. an ebook that lays out a general plan for a team driving operation to become millionaires. You may think this sounds like a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme, but there is some good, practical advice in this trucking eBook.

The Facts!

Couples can make a lot of money working for the right companies!

If you and your spouse are hard working, ambitious, self motivated and do not have children at home this information could be exactly what you are looking for!

This e-book was written for couples without children at home. It is a legitimate plan for couples to reach financial independence and retire early. Who wants to work for 40 or 50 years of their life if they could get it all done in 4 1/2 to 10 years or less!

This ebook will show you how to take advantage of all the unique advantages that the jobs offer that most people overlook.

It will show you :

How to get a job

Get My Top Company Picks.

How to get the Best Jobs as Fast as Possible!

How it all works and what most couples Overlook.

Keys to Success

The Trick to Earning

How to retire quickly, it could be done in 4 1/2 - 10 years or less!

Ways to Parlay jobs into Something you Really Want!

Teams may or may not be right for you, but more opportunities exist now than ever. If you are looking to make more money in a down economy, consider asking your current fleet or contact another carrier about running in a team operation.

Some Of The Companies Currently Hiring Team Drivers Are:

Link America Link America believes in hiring the best-in-class drivers, which require a higher level of commitment on our part. That's why we make sure your home pay, home time,and haul are steady and stable for the long term, and provide special programs such as our 72-hour op plan that lets you know in advance when you are going somewhere. From a friendly, dedicated home office, to a flexible scheduling, to getting you home on time, Link America looks out for you. or call 800-763-1126.

LandSpan If you love seeing those Interstate signs go by, LandSpan's coast-to-coast OTR opportunities are perfect for your driving team. or call 800-695-9643.

New Century Consistent miles and superior benefits for each driver. Teams needed immediately. or call 877-628-3748.

Dynamic Transit Company (DTC) Where teams come for miles. or call 800-972-4694.

Quest Dedicated runs from GA to CA,OR & WA. Average length of haul 2300 miles average 20,000 miles a month. Call 800-676-1777 Ext. 246.

Boyle Delivering more than you expect. Limited opportunities for elite professional driver teams. Military Cargo Specialist Must qualify for hazmat and security clearance. or call 800-442-4004.

YRC Glen Moore There is a company in America who gives you the chance to achieve what you're truly looking for in your truck driving career. We are YRC Glen Moore. Find out what you're missing. or call 866-242-9841.

Drive Smarter Not Harder.

Are you interested in making even more money. Check out Internet Profit For Truck Drivers.. As a way to supplement your current income..

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