The 5 Best States to Become a Trucker

by Mark Kinsel

Mark Kinsel is the President of Driver Solutions and for the past 19 years has passionately shared his knowledge and experience to help young truckers find their way. When he isn't showing a trainee the ropes of the road he writes for Driver Solutions, a national leader in finding the best truck driver jobs in the country.

Whether it’s job opportunity, higher pay, or just beautiful scenery, there are some states truckers find to be more appealing than others. After almost two decades in the trucking business I have found that there is a handful of states that frequently get mentioned in a more positive light than others. Here is a list of the states where truckers seem to flourish and enjoy being most while living life out on the road.

The Port of Tacoma is one of the major centers of international trade on Pacific Coast. The never-ending importation of goods and evergreen scenery of the Pacific Northwest makes Washington one of the more beautiful and profitable states to be a driver in. The average trucker’s yearly income in Washington consistently ranks among the top five states in nation at around $60,000. While the cost of living remains pretty high in the south Puget Sound area of western Washington, eastern Washington is well known for more affordable living expenses and gorgeous landscape.

New York
Like Washington, New York boasts one of the highest annual average trucker earning every year at $60,700.
The cost of living remains on the high end the city that never sleeps has one of the highest demands for transport in the nation. With goods constantly coming in on the coast, New York is a state that always ensures a trucker will stay busy.

Boston has one of the biggest seaports on the East coast at over 500 acres. Incoming trading goods from across the Atlantic are constantly coming in with a need to transport across the country. Massachusetts has more cross-country jobs than any other state along with a high annual earning rate of $59,000 for truckers.

The 52-mile drive through Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful drives in all the country. It is commonly referred to as Going-to-the-Sun road and is only open from mid June to early fall. Montana is widely considered the best part of the country to drive through by truckers and also carries one of the top ten average annual earnings for truckers at $52,000.

Southern hospitality brings truckers an abundance of job opportunity, the nation’s highest annual average driver’s salary ($68,000), and miles of gorgeous countryside. Truck driving is taught at many community colleges throughout the state and seems to be embraced more by the residents here than other states. With one of the lower tax-rates in the nation and an abundance of truck driving schools Mississippi is quite possibly the most profitable state for truckers at the present.

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Apr 27, 2013
5 Best states to become a Trucker
by: Anonymous

I want to thank Smart The information that I have receive over the past 2 and a half years, has greatly helped me be more effective, at
finding employment. This information on The 5 best
States to become a Trucker, has confirmed the state I will be moving to as 1 of them.

Thank You

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