The National Driver Registry (NDR)

by Danny

How can I get a copy of the national registry to see what it shows? I can only get a MVR from DMV and a DAC/USIS report but not the version that tells me what negative things are on it to dispute. I already requested from USIS specifically wanting the full report to dispute what Super Service I know put bad things that are false but just send me the background and driving part of the USIS report so I can't dispute anything. I also quit Swift and told them in advance and after returning to the terminal and cleaning my stuff out of the truck they put I was terminated and not true. Help please. It's already bad enough I have a couple felonies from one event in 1992 I still can't live down but I need to clear up my USIS.

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Mar 20, 2010
Bad companies slamming good drivers
by: David Basham

Companies can put what ever they want on a DAC report, I have seen my DAC report and there are a few that straight up lied because i stopped working for them. One company said I LIED ON MY application, but i was there for a year and i stopped working for them, and after i stopped working for them they put on my dac i lied on my application. I stopped working for them, they DID NOT at any time let me go, at no time did they ever say anything about my application, not even after i stopped working for them, I came to find out that the lie they was talking about was a date i put down was off by 2 months, i should had put April but i put down June, and that was the lie. This company got mad because i was on the road in VA working and i was robbed at gun point and put into the hospital from a brutal beating i took at the hands of a crazy man with a gun, i was thrown over a 10 foot wall and left for dead after my head was bashed in with the end of a shotgun. The TN DOT was called by the VA state police after the company said they would not send someone to pick me up when the VA state police called the company and told them i was not in the shape to drive and they (state police) will not let me drive a truck due to my attack. My company refused to do what they was told and the TN dot showed up at the office and pulled applications of drivers and started fining the company due to them not following the safety rules of the dot. the company was find for not doing what they was told, I at no time was asked to stop working for the company i was not fired i stopped working for them 2 weeks after the attack, and only then it showed up on my dac that i lied on my application. this company did show up in VA to pick me up, and non to happy about it, it just shows when a driver is attacked on the side of the highway and left for dead and robbed even taking the shoes off his feet, put in the hospital looking like i had been hit by a truck, only to be told by the VA state police the company said they will not come and get me or send anyone to get me, the sarge for the state police got me a room and got me food, he was there every day checking on me, but not my company, they dumped me and then got mad because i quit working for them and lied on my dac to keep me from getting another job, how sad, companies can do what ever they want, drivers lie, not companies, a driver don't stand a chance, companies like this can say what every they want knowing its not the truth just because they are mad that they got in trouble because of there actions, when a company sees on your dac that you lied on your application, hell, they thank you lied when you tell them what the company did and why, we as driver don't have a fighting chance in hell to ever cover our butts when it comes to companies like this. David Basham Owensboro,ky

Mar 16, 2010
How to get a copy
by: Billy

I believe you are referring the National Drivers Registry (NDR)

The National Driver Register (NDR) contains only a listing of names and related identification, provided by State driver licensing officials, of those whose driver licenses have been canceled, denied, revoked, or suspended or you have been convicted of certain serious traffic violations. The NDR does not contain a list of any other drivers. If you have not had a driver license canceled, denied, revoked or suspended or you have not been convicted of serious traffic violations, you would not be listed in the NDR. Every individual is entitled, however, to request a check of the NDR records to determine whether they appear in the NDR file.Click Here to learn more about NDR.

When you got your copy of your DAC Report it should have contained a form for filing disputes. If it did not Click here to download the form: USIS Consumer Report Dispute Form (Adobe PDF).

You should have a copy that is less than 6 months old.

Hope this was helpful.

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