The Worst Trucking Company

by Jeffrey Powell
(Fredericksburg VA)

I worked for nearly 2 years for Payne Trucking, Inc. I started having a great experience with my co-workers. After 2 months on the job i would hear of different drivers quitting or having terrible arguments with the office manager.

The job requirements was that you went into NYC. There was no extra pay for doing this. The only legitimate benefit to the company was weekend home time. But this soon changed when the office manager made it mandatory to work weekends if you had to miss a day during the week. During my time with Payne Trucking, the safety manager resigned. Several dispatchers as well as numerous driver quit. One dispatcher informed me that every morning the office personnel were put on edge when the office manager reported to work.

Also, in early April 2010 all drivers received a message on our Qualcomm to bypass all weigh stations because a mandatory stop on our company trucks. Several drivers have filed complaints with the EOE, myself included that we have been paid incorrectly.

I strongly advise any driver to stay away from this company. They are dishonest. Also, the DOT will not issue them a EZ/Pre Pass for weigh stations. They have so many violations that a federal officer comes at least twice a week to the offices for driver checks. The VADOT officer is Daley.

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