Truck Accident Statistics

by Harry
(Atlanta, Georgia)

One of the main purposes of statistics is to give people facts from the numbers gathered. These facts are interpreted, and these interpretations are known as the truth. It is true when they say that numbers do not lie and facts do not care about your feelings. No one could argue to the power of raw data collection.

One of the best uses of statistics is to determine the frequency of an event. This can be used on the activity of motorists on the road. That said, one of the possible harshest circumstance on that a driver could face is an accident. In the United States, there is a probability that you will be involved in a car accident once every 18 years.

According to another statistic, driving accidents would be the fifth cause of death of Americans in the year 2030. The chances for a person to live after a car accident is quite low, but it is lower when huge, heavy trucks are involved.

To know more about the statistics, you can check this infographic from The Brown Firm.


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