Truck Transport Services

by David Caruso
(Pompano Beach, Fl USA)

Truck Transport Services

Pickup trucks have been around for just about as long as automobiles have been available. They’ve served many different purposes but there’s one thing that always remains the same. Pickup trucks have a bed in the back and must be capable of towing or hauling things. This is what trucks do and seeing how there are many different kinds of trucks available in different sizes with different power capabilities, you can bet there will be a fair amount of trucks needing to be shipped daily . In this article, we will try to map out some of the contributing factors, which may affect the cost of your truck transport as well as carrier availability. We hope to provide you with tips to help you secure an affordable truck transport that will meet all your shipping requirements and budgetary needs.

Cost To Ship A Truck

As previously mentioned, trucks can come in a variety of sizes and dimensions making it difficult sometimes for auto transport reps to be able to determine an accurate quote because your dodge ram may be the larger style as opposed to the smaller and more modern version. Pickup trucks are typically shipped as an oversize or overweight vehicle with higher fees that a carrier would normally asses for a larger vehicle. This isn’t anything that can be controlled since hauling larger vehicles are bigger than your standard car size and require more fuel to transport and thus transport companies can charge more for larger automobiles to help offset the extra fuel spent during transport.

Trucking And Shipping

Take for example the older and much smaller Ford Ranger pickup truck. These types of trucks will have little if any oversized vehicle fee associated with their transport. If you try to ship a larger F350 however you’ll find the cost to be several hundred dollars more

than shipping a standard sized car travelling on the same trailer and route due to the increased weight and how tall they are.

Many trucks are so large that they can’t even fit on a standard auto carrier likely requiring the need for a flatbed transport trailer. Flatbed trailers are much harder to find and tend to be more expensive than your open or enclosed trailers. These types of trailers have been designed to transport larger vehicles and equipment. If your transport specialist deems your truck as too large to fit properly on a standard size carrier, the transport company may recommend a flatbed trailer to haul your truck. Give us a call at 866-411-1173 for a free quote to transport your truck or check out our online quote form at Heavy Equipment Shipper and we can provide you a list of shipping options and rates to fit any requirement you may have.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Truck

Shipping small to midsize trucks like the Ford Ranger can cost on average $100-$200 more than shipping a standard sized car. Transport rates are generally determined based on the dimensions of your vehicle so pricing will vary. For larger vehicles like the Dodge Ram or F350 there are some other factors which can affect the transport cost. If your truck is a 4x4 or has a lift kit can also affect the pricing. A dual rear wheeled truck DRW is also more costly as those will need to ship on a flatbed trailer. If your truck is not a 4x4 or a DRW, they will on average cost $125-$300 more than your standard car shipping rate. These additional costs can fluctuate based on the route. If your truck has a lift kit or other modifications that would make the trucks height above 6’4”the price will increase as it can’t fit on a double decker trailer.

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