by Jim
(WHinesville wv usa)

HI I enjoy the videos. I am a trucker slash retired coal miner. Ì spent a lot of years as a company driver most of which I worked for dupont 15 years worth. Upon down sizing they got rid of the old guys and that's when I put my life long dream of owning a truck by buying a used 05 classic xl. Within 2 years working g it with Oaklyn trucking I found out I had cancer. I've been off for 5 months and have been doing good, thought it was going to be worse but it's good now. What I'm leading up to is I thought the worse and started my retirementor and all I could get for my wife and 18 year o,do son and I'm doing pretty good and because of the struggles with owning my truck know, the rates and maintained costs, and all the issues with trucking and seems to get worse, I want to go back, get my truck, get an end dump and go at it but I don't think there's much to make. I miss trucking and I think it's clouding my common Sense. I would love an opinion on this. I'm not old 60, I thought I could go until I'm 70. Thanks for your videos

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